You Can be a Millionaire if You have These Coins

You Can be a Millionaire if You have These Coins . Almost everyone have dreams of becoming a millionaire. But for many it is only a dream. There are many ways of becoming a millionaire. Some become with hard work and some by luck. One such a lucky way is selling coins. Do you know that having a one rupee coin could make you a millionaire? Yes, its true. But for that you need to have an old one rupee coin. There are some extremely rare and valuable coins that are worth hundreds and thousands of times of their face value.

Many of them became millionaires with this process. One of the example is B.Chandrasekhar, a resident of Andhra Pradesh. He sold an old one rupee coin for 3 lakhs. Yes, it¡¯s true. At an exhibition at the World Telugu Conference. People come come from all over the country to buy such coins. Some of them price even go up to 3 lakhs. Some diamond shaped dotted coins which are made in 1973 at the Mumbai Mint and Kolkata Mint.

B Chandrasekhar sold two one rupee coins with the face of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi made in the Kolkata mint for 2 lakhs each. Apart from these, he also has some coins from the Hyderabad Mint and Noida mint. If you have coins like them you can also sell them earn huge money. If you have the opportunity to participate in auctions then you can earn much. You can also sell coins in some online portals like , etc.

If you have coins like this, sell them and earn money.

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