CBSE Class 12 economics paper leaked on WhatsApp? Board rejects, but panic spreads

CBSE Class 12 economics paper leak row: Panic gripped students of class 12 following claims on social media that the economics paper was leaked today ahead of the exam even as the board denied there was any slip up. Reports of the question paper being leaked circulated through social media and WhatsApp several hours before the paper commenced. The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), however, denied any leak and urged students and parents not to panic. “We have checked with all examination centres and the paper was not leaked. The source of the circulation of this information is not known yet. We want to urge the students and parents to not panic and assure them that the board is doing its best to ensure sanctity of the examination,” a senior CBSE official said.

A similar incident occurred on March 15 when Delhi Government had said that it had received complaints of class 12 CBSE accountancy paper being leaked following which a probe was ordered, even as the board had denied any leak.

“There has been no leakage of the question paper. All the seals have been found intact at all exam centres. However, at local level, some miscreants may have circulated messages through WhatsApp and other social media platforms to hurt the sanctity of the exam,” the board had then said.

Shikha Bansal, who teaches Economics at the Manav Racha International School, while talking about the paper said, “It was an easy paper and most of the questions were directly from the syllabus. There was little confusion in the MCQ portion like GST and subsidy. Also, it will be difficult to score 80 out of 80 in this paper. Overall it was a good paper.”


According to an Indian Express report, today’s Economic Examination question paper has been termed as ‘moderate level’ paper which mostly had easy questions and only a few tricky questions. The exam pattern of today’s paper was exactly like that of the sample papers.


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